Exciting news for friends in The Lou!

As we mark our tenth anniversary, I am honored and humbled by YNPN St. Louis' accomplishments. We've provided numerous professional development programs and networking opportunities. We have been a forum for meaningful dialogue about the nonprofit sector and continue to recognize the great achievements made by the nonprofit unicorns in our beloved city.

With our tenth year well underway, I am thrilled to mark another exciting milestone in the legacy of YNPN St. Louis. YNPN St. Louis and several chapters around the country have successfully embarked on a new partnership with our organizational leadership, YNPN National. With this partnership comes new membership benefits, chapter resources, and an upgraded website.

Are you currently a member? Click here to check out your new and improved member portal and peruse your exciting new membership benefits.

Not a member yet? Click here to join today and learn about the exciting resources at your disposal. 

Ten years ago we were a group of young nonprofit professionals at a happy hour with a dream. Today, we serve the greater St. Louis area and continue to meet the needs of the ever changing nonprofit landscape. To our members, thanks for joining me on this wild ride. To our members-yet-to-be, hop on! Let's make change together. 

Jessica LaBozzetta
YNPN St. Louis, President